Exception handling

Common Web Applications may produce various generic Exceptions, like unexpected DB errors, Runtime Errors, etc. Our Web Application framework provides a generic way to configure catching and handling of these errors in the global application scope. This way is based on the FastAPI error handling. Please, refer to the FastAPI documentation for more details.

In order to configure global exception handling, @classmethod get_exception_handlers shall be implemented in the Application class. This method must accept exception_handlers arg and return a dictionary with Exception Classes as keys and handling functions as values. Argument exception_handlers provides a default error handling configuration, which can be reused or ignored.


from connect.eaas.core.decorators import (
from connect.eaas.core.extension import WebApplicationBase
from fastapi.exception_handlers import http_exception_handler

async def custom_http_exception_handler(request, exc):
    print(f"OMG! An HTTP error!")
    return await http_exception_handler(request, exc)

class WAExtendsExceptionHandling(WebApplicationBase):
    def get_exception_handlers(cls, exception_handlers):
        exception_handlers[ValueError] = custom_http_exception_handler
        return exception_handlers

class WAOverridesExceptionHandling(WebApplicationBase):
    def get_exception_handlers(cls, exception_handlers):
        return {
            RuntimeError: custom_http_exception_handler,