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Types of extensions

Connect supports three different types of extensions. Each type is implemented for a specific form of integration. The following introduces and describes all available extension types:

Fulfillment Automation

This type of extension is used by Vendors that want to automate the fulfillment request processing on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

Fulfillment automation extension allows listening to events that are coming from the fulfillment queue on the platform and automating the provisioning of your provided service.

Hub Integration

This type of extension enables Distributors and Resellers to integrate their commerce systems via a hub on the Connect platform.

By using such extensions, Distributors and Resellers can transfer their business data between their commerce systems and CloduBlue Connect. Hub integrations are used to automatically create purchase orders within Connect that are triggered by your external system.

Multi Account

The Multi-Account Installation extension type allows creating comprehensive applications to automate or streamline various operations. Such extensions react to events within the Connect platform and also extend abilities of the Connect API and provided graphical user interface.

The multi-account extensions run in the scope of a single account on Connect. However, these extensions can also be installed and used by multiple Connect accounts. Moreover, extension developers can certify their extension and publish it within the Showroom Catalog.