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Test client

Create a new instance of the WebAppTestClient. The WebAppTestClient is based on the python requests library and will internally create a requests.Session. Each interface method (get, post, ...) accepts the following extra keyword arguments:

  • context: an instance of connect.eaas.core.inject.models.Context to provide the endpoint with a specific call context or a dict that will merged with a default context. If this kwarg is omitted a default context is provided.
  • installation: an installation object to receive inside the called endpoint, defaults to None.
  • config: a dictionary with key/value pairs representing environment variables.
  • log_level: allow to simulate a specific log level for such endpoint call default to INFO.


from connect.eaas.core.testing.testclient import WebAppTestClient

from myext.webapp import MyWebApplication

client = WebAppTestClient(MyWebApplication)
response = client.get('/my/endpoint')


Name Type Description Default

The web application class.

base_url str

The base url to be used.